How to Install WoW Addons

Download the addons you want to install

  • Make a folder on your desktop called “My Addons”
  • Save the .zip/.rar files to this folder.
  • If, when you try to download the file, it automatically “opens”, you need to RIGHT click on the link and “save as…” or “Save Target As”.

Extract the file – commonly known as ‘unzipping’ – Do this ONE FILE AT A TIME!

  • Windows XP has a built in ZIP extractor. Double click on the file to open it, inside should be the file or folders needed. Copy these outside to the “My Addons” folder.
  • WinRAR: Right click the file, select “Extract Here”
  • WinZip: You MUST make sure the option to “Use Folder Names” is CHECKED or it will just extract the files and not make the proper folders how the Authors designed.

Verify your WoW Installation Path

  • That is where you are running WoW from and THAT is where you need to install your addons.

Move to the Addon folder

  • Open your World of Warcraft folder. (default is C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\)
  • Go into the “Interface” folder.
  • Go into the “AddOns” folder.
  • In a new window, open the “My Addons” folder.
  • The “My Addons” folder should have the “Addonname” folder in it.
  • Move the “Addonname” folder into the “AddOns” folder.

Start/Restart World of Warcraft and make sure AddOns are installed

  • Log in.
  • At the Character Select screen, look in lower left corner for the “addons” button.
  • If button is there: make sure all the addons you installed are listed and make sure “load out of date addons” is checked.
  • If the button is NOT there: means you did not install the addons properly. Look at the above screenshots. Try repeating the steps or getting someone who knows more about computers than you do to help.