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This addon will help u easily find out any mob or npc. It showing from which mobs specific pattern drops and so on.

Adds features to in-game mail. Auto-fills from your Character List Friends List Guild and recently used. One-Click Loot all messages. This is the smoothest running Mail Mod for TBC in my opinion.

Saving your highest crits on every spell.

Tired of Noobs constantly Challenging you to a Duel? This Addon automatically declines Duels. You would have won anyway right?

Creates a glowing border on Item Icons both equipped and in bags according to Rarity. Green for Uncommon Blue for Rare and Purple for Epic allowing you to more easily see at a glace how valuable an Item is.

Places semi-circles in the center of your screen where you can see your hp, mana and cast bar.

This adds a tab to your Spell Book that allows you to bind Keyboard and Mouse combinations to specific Skills. You may use these bindings in addition to the Action Bar. Example: Cast a Heal on Raid member without changing your Target by Mousing over their Portrait and using the key combination you previously set. Very useful, often required by Raiding Guilds for Healers.

Healer friendly Unit Frames. This Addon offers Customizable Life Plates for Party and Raid members that change Color depending on how Badly each player needs Healing. Very useful often required by Raiding Guilds for Healers.


Provides an interface for addons with easy access, divided into categories.

You can see your mana in cat/bear form.

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