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A large collection of TBC WoW Addons (2.4.3). Easily find the Addon you are looking for by searching for the name of Addon.

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BugGrabber is a small addon that simply grabs all Lua errors generated by WoW and makes them available to you through the /buggrabber slash command.

Simple Addon that hides error messages and lets you get more out of your error messages. It displays multiple errors and allows copying of error text.

Auctioneer is an addon that allows you to view information about an item that may be useful in helping you determine what it’s worth. Straight out of the box, Auctioneer knows much about many items in the game, and will tell you many things about the item when you move your mouse over the item in the game.

This plugin also provides you with in-game data on data that is collated by you at the auction house. You trigger the data gathering by either clicking the “Scan” button on the main page of the Auction House, or by typing /auctioneer scan manually.

Adds Nodes to the Mini and World Maps for Mining Herbalism and Treasure Chests. If you haven’t used this type of Addon for gathering you should. It is super helpful.

Remember to type /gather and click the Import Button to add the existing node database for TBC.

Calendar Addon that let’s you Schedule with Accept / Decline Display group events such as Raids or in game Wedding for that one hardcore Role Playing guy that you think is perhaps crazy but he’s so nice that you are going to attend so that you don’t crush his gentle soul.


Command /cal show

Combination UI and Mouse Over Action Skill Addon. This creates a colored box for each Party or Raid member that provides Health Buff and Debuff information in a clean configurable UI. I prefer Grid and Clique myself but this is a solid Addon that some love.

ArenaPointer is a tiny Ace2 addon that adds a display to your arena teams sheet with your weekly point gain from that team.

Show how many arena points you will earn for each of your teams.

Show how many arena points you will have in total after the next update.

Enter a desired arena rating to see how many arena points you would get with such rating. Available in the ACalc frame.

Enter a desired amount of arena points to see how high rating you would need to obtain that. Available in the ACalc frame.

CCWatcher is an addon to keep track of all crowd controls on all units. Mainly target at keeping track of crowd control in the arena so you know when time time the next and watch diminishing returns of them.


Command: /ccw gui

Simple enemy unit frames for Arena matches used for identifying and coordinating targets.

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