World of Warcraft Addons, Talent & Arena Calculators

This website used to be a for a guild which played on many different private servers. We used to play on narnias/sargeras, mystiq, hellground, twinstar, "new hellground" and warmane, most of the time TBC servers exclusively. It all started back in 2008 or 2009, but back then we used to have different name. When a server died for whatever reason, we would always migrate to a different server. Each migration wave had significant cost, coming ultimately to the end of this guild in 2016.


I had not worked on this website for years and I decided to do something about it such as small updates, fixes and so on. I intend this site to serve as "index" for Addons, Talent & Arena Calculators and links to various vanilla and TBC resources. I'm also planning to add addons to different versions of game, some guides to professions and a lot more.

What you can find on site now is: TBC Addons, Talent Calculator for classic/vanilla, tbc and wotlk, Arena Calculator for TBC/WOTLK, and links to databases.


If you find any issues with addons or you just want to send us some addons which have not been listed, feel free to contact us.

News and updates

Talent Calculator for Classic and WoTLK released

We did some work and finally finished and released new, updated versions for Talent Calculator.
Now you can find here Talent Calcultor for Classic/Vanilla, WoTLK and of course TBC.
If you prefer the old look of TBC Calculator you can till access it here.


Before you had to build your talents and scroll down for a permanent link to that build. With the new updated version, the url in your browser is updating as you build your talent tree, making it more simple to use by always copying your current url.