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Replaces the default Fonts with several easy to read options for Chat Quest Log Item Names Nameplates and Menus. Virtually no text is left untouched.

Mouse-over dispels without any macros or additional addons, just use right or left click on mouse, depends on debuff.

ArenaCountDown (as seen in patch 4.0+) ported to TBC 2.4.3

These Unit Frames are designed to bring PvP elements to the foreground such as Buffs Debuffs HP Mana and Enemy Casting.

This is a mod to make swapping equipment easier through popout slot menus, equip slot buttons, gear sets and automated swaps.

Switch easily between unlimited outfit configurations. Similar to ItemRack.

A little custom "Tooltip". You can set up where do you want to see your tooltip from spells, and so on. Also who is targeting who when you have cursor on some player.

RatingBuster started out as an addon that converts combat ratings in your tooltips into percentages, so that you have more meaningful information when comparing different items.

Nature Combat is showing Diminishing Returns, uptime of dots/poisions and so on.


Command: /natur

Chat Interface replacement. Customize Size Layout and Channel display. Color code message types for easy reading. Configure flashing notifications of important text. This is an old favorite of mine.

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